Why use an Independent Agronomist?

Because we work directly for farmers.

Because we don't make money out of selling to you.
Wheat Grain


Using an independent agronomist enables farmers to separate the technical issues of growing crops from the commercial buying decisions, enabling reduced growing costs.

We don't sell any products. We don't earn anything from what our clients use or buy - we earn no commission. We are not allied to any manufacturer or supplier.

Agronomy includes farm management, crop choice, rotations, varieties, soils, nutrition, environmental care and crop assurance.

What's the benefit of separate technical advice from product supply? Combining the two may be convenient but it comes at a price. That's why an increasing number of arable farmers recognise the benefits of independent agronomic advice.

With an independent agronomist you are free to buy from wherever you choose - getting the right products at the right price.

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