Regular Agronomy Service - what we do.

We aim to provide the best independent agronomy advice - to maximise returns from your crops.


Farm visits generally every 2 - 3 weeks through the growing season, and intermittently out of season.

Telephone advice is available all year round.

In-field agronomy
Crop walking, detailed recommendations on all issues of crop protection, nutrition and environmental management
Crop Planning
Rotation, crop and variety choice, cultivations, seed rates, input-planning and forward-ordering
Soil Management
Cultivation practices for optimum crop development, drainage and erosion control
Technical newsletter every 1 - 3 weeks covering immediate management actions - by e-mail
Crop Quality
Software-based recommendations and records prepared prior to field application.  Used for crop recording, safety and environmental controls. Suitable for Crop Assurance


Professional Advice
Professional advice on budgeting, farm organisation, land management, tenancy obligations, SPS, cross-compliance, RPA rules, EU policy and agri-environment schemes.

Professionally qualified and a member of AICC, BASIS, and FACTS

Down-to-earth Independent Advice.

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