Regular Agronomy Service - what we do.Summary of conditions of service.

Paul Sweeney Agronomy Ltd

The small print, condensed.

All recommendations for crops inspected are given on the following basis:

All charges and fees are subject to the following conditions: •
  • Payment terms are strictly 30 days post-invoice, after which interest may be charged. •
  • Interest on outstanding charges is payable on a daily basis equivalent to 5% pa above the Bank of England Base Rate from time to time. •
  • All fees paid by or incurred in regards of laboratory analysis, licences, permits, deployments, materials used or supplied will be recoverable on the basis of at-cost + 10%. •
  • Any materials or products supplied remain the property of the supplier until paid for in full. •
  • Non-payment shall constitute termination of any outstanding or continuing work or supply contracts and orders. •
  • All on-going service contracts may be terminated by either party giving 3-months notice in writing at any point of the year or season. •
  • Contracts may, at the discretion of the Directors, be subject to a Risk Deposit whereby monies will be held on deposit pending full compliance with contractual terms in the supply of any material or service. •
  • The Directors reserve the right to withhold monies held in any Risk Deposit equivalent to any penalty loss or fine levied for any non-compliance with statutory or voluntary Regulations stipulated in any service or supply contract.
  • A written copy of more detailed Terms and Conditions of Service is available on request.